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Learn from multiple perspectives by sharing 20-sec mobile video riffs

Riffiti lets you create your own topic in the form of a question and post it. Others, such as your friends, students, colleagues, fellow learners and educators will answer your question by posting a 20-second video of their own perspective, from their mobile phone. Together you all form a stream of understandings on that topic or question.

With Riffiti, all of a sudden we can now see and hear how 5 or 10 or 100 people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences understood a concept or an idea; We get to hear it in their own words, and our understanding will be a part of that diversity of understandings. Anyone, anywhere, in the world, in any language, can use it, to teach, to learn, to review, to express, to opine, to recite, to explain and elaborate.

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