Free sales tool for prospecting and researching customers in one click


Free sales tool for prospecting and researching customers in one click

Ricochet is a free Chrome extension for sales teams makes researching prospects and customers 3x faster than manual methods.

Open Ricochet on any business website to qualify new leads and research customers in one click. In a snapshot you'll get: - Business overview - Information about size, turnover & investment - Links to social media profiles, team members on LinkedIn, Companies House and Crunchbase - Overview of what markets the business is in - A list of similar services and competitors - Notified if any business is in your CRM (HubSpot), or add them in a click

Hey everyone - it's great to have Ricochet featured on BetaList!

We're building Ricochet to help sales teams with streamlining and speeding up sales prospecting and research.

In fact, research with our early users has shown us that researching prospects and customers is 3x faster with Ricochet than using manual methods.

The future of sales is full-funnel automation, but it's a tough problem to solve. Sales engagement is becoming increasingly easy to automate - amazing platforms like Outreach are optimising these workflows - but outbound lead generation is still time-consuming and costly.

Sales teams have consistently told us about the extensions they use for people information and email addresses - but solutions for researching and qualifying businesses are expensive, and often still labour-intensive.

We're starting today with our free sales tool, to help every sales professional that spends hours flicking between dozens of browser tabs.

At the moment as it's still early days, it'll likely work best on UK and US sites to begin with. We've loads more data sources and features to continue rolling out over the coming weeks, as we start to utilise deep learning and automate these processes.

Any questions, please shout. Thanks!
Really cool. How many early users do you have and how is Ricochet different from Vibe?
Hey @Lance_Troh

A key differentiator with Ricochet is it instantly aggregates multiple sources of data. For example, Ricochet shows us that (Biz)Vibe's Crunchbase profile states they're a Canadian team with 11 to 50 employees in Canada; Companies House records state they're registered in London; while LinkedIn says their only have one employee based in India.

Hope that helps 🙂
@Lance_Troh Sorry just to follow up, if you were referring to Vibe who were acquired by FullContact - I can't find an extension for them. Do you have a link please?
Hey Ricochet team! I love the product concept, and the landing is slick and easy-to-follow.

I've added some feedback here if it helps - looking forward to your comments :)

Link: https://app.usebubbles.com/3zcgRgHruSnHSsgL2Psvg3/comments-on-ricochet-ai/#/comment=7nFnMRkSwrD5Fnc4gQBV1n

Congratulations launching on Betalist!
Thanks @cpipo_ - appreciate the feedback!
Love the product. Kudos to you.

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