Professional Task Manager for designers and developers

Resolvd is a professional Task Manager App for designers and developers, that allows tech teams to increase their productivity during Product making process by focusing on execution. Built-in smart engine helps to detect, sort, prioritize, schedule, assign tasks and more, by understanding pro language of developers and designers. Project structure makes it natural to navigate and act upon tasks. And task based communication and collaboration keeps workflow in place.

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Hi, BetaListers!
I'm DK – Designer and Co-founder of Resolvd.
Thanks a lot for expressing the interest to our product!

Me and my Co-founder Matt are Designer and Developer ourselves, so we feel the pain of managing Development and Design tasks, and that's the main reason why we started Resolvd. We exist to "bridge" the gap between Designers and Developers, and free them from Task Management and bring them straight to Execution by automating as much of the Task Management process as possible.

During our Beta testing we would be pleased if you'd take your time trying out our product and providing us with most honest and straightforward feedback as possible. Positive or negative, any opinion and experience matters! We've put aside our feelings and are excited to listen to you, because we want to build cool product, that will provide real strong value.

P.S. If you have any questions, please, leave a comment or email us directly
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@tasteofdalife This is the idea I have in mind for the couple of month – to integrate an AI into our task system to make management process easier. As seen on the screenshots, you are using keyword recognition to extract useful data from task content, is that right?
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@vladzima thanks for your interest.
You're absolutely right! We're doing keyword recognition to automate task management process.

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