All-in-one Productivity Workspace


All-in-one Productivity Workspace

Raya provides every tool you need to run your entire business in one single place. Raya is your centralized workspace to collaborate with zero distractions. Designed with minimalism principles in mind, Raya helps teams focus & get more things done. Tasks, Updates, Storage, Email, Wiki & CRM in one place!

The first 50 users from Betalist can use the following code to join our early access program for Free: B0BE1DDB

The first 50 users from Betalist to use this coupon code will get Raya Unlimited for free: B0BE1DDB

Valid until the end of the beta testing phase.
Loving the simple and clean design, will try it out. Left some annotated thoughts here too about your landing page, hope it helps :) https://app.usebubbles.com/76db359b-afbe-427e-9b00-0e237654bab4
@tommedema thanks Tom really appreciate your feedback. we have intentionally designed the landing page to avoid any salsy language, we hate having a lot of call to actions or even including social proof to intentionally/irrationally push people to signup.

We really want to help people understand the value of a distraction free productivity in a clean interface without being pushy because it is not our DNA.
I personally hate those landing pages that start that including dozens of flashy call to action everywhere saying "get it now free ".... "limited time free offer"... (I think this is all bs)

but still I think your feedback is really valuable and we'll definitely consider your suggestion to add a single call to action at the top of the page just to make it clear to first time visitors.
Just a quick question. I saw app download buttons for Google and Windows, what about iOS / macOS?

And the UI looks really cool!


Thanks Tom for the question !

We can easily create an IOS version of Raya but publishing it to the app store might take some time as unfortunately Apple terms have a lot of restrictions + a time consuming legal entity verification process.

For now, we are focusing more on improving the current web app experience (fixing issues + adding features)
We basically want to have a solid user experience before proceeding to reach more platforms/users.
@HamedBaatour BTW do I have to enter my credit card details?
Thanks for the swift reply. It would be awesome to have a cool iPadOS / iOS app. Especially since the iPad and the Apple platform is gaining a momentum. iPad Pro plus Magic Keyboard is the perfect tool for your daily stuff.
@tschlander you have valid points and I 100% agree, I can say that we will do our best to bring Raya to the Apple ecosystem but still, this might take a bit of time and this will also depend on the pace of development of the web app and if we are going to accept to raise any money to accelerate the process. I hope this helps clear things up.
thanks again for your comment Tom.
@HamedBaatour can't find where to use the coupon code

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