Easily track expenses down to the tiniest detail using only your mobile phone's camera.

Qashflow (pronounced as "cash flow") is a new paid service for people who want to track their income and expenses (cash flow) but do not have the time and patience to do so. It is similar to Mint but works on a cash level. With Mint, there is no easy way to track your day to day cash expenses unless you always use a debit card for all your cash transactions. And if you live outside the US or Canada, chances are these automated finance apps won't support your bank. This is the problem we would like to solve with Qashflow.

Using only a camera equipped mobile phone with the Qashflow app installed, you can easily track any type of transaction just by taking a picture of the receipt and uploading it to our servers. Not only receipts but credit card statements, pay slips, and even handwritten IOUs can also be uploaded. Unlike similar services that utilize slow and error-prone OCR technology that require you to take precise and crystal clear photos, Qashflow uses real people trained to accurately convert receipts, no matter the picture quality, to highly detailed transaction entries. By highly detailed, we mean detailed down to the last item in your grocery list, not just the total amount.

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