Trigger iOS shortcuts from anywhere


Trigger iOS shortcuts from anywhere

Pushcut is an iOS utility that combines shortcuts with triggers and online automation.

Smart notifications kick off the right actions - triggered based on location, time, or virtually any event online. Use shortcuts, Zapier, Integromat, or custom URLs to unleash automation superpowers. Try it for free!

Hi everyone,

for years now I have been playing around with automation and DIY smart home technology, sliding deeper and deeper into this amazing world of fun projects and possibilities.

I found that one piece was missing: "semi-automation"

For certain things, fully automatic was not a good option for me (like turning off lights at night, or opening doors, etc.) - any automatic rule you would write would be very complicated and possibly still work against you sometimes.

What was/is really big of course is voice controlled stuff - and while it works ok most of the time, I just never got all to comfortable negotiating with these "smart" assistances.

I wanted quick, silent access to automation actions when they are relevant. Combining webhooks with iOS shortcuts was the best solution for me: Smart notifications to give me the right options at the right time.

With added location/time-based triggers and integrations for services like Zapier and Integromat, Pushcut is a great puzzle-piece for any automation project you want to have a say in.

Let me know what you think, internet!

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