Meet new people in a friendly place


Meet new people in a friendly place

Promenad is a modern online service for dating new people, affording great opportunities for finding new friends and like-minded people around the world

Hello, BetaList!

My team and Me actively use different online services, including social media, messengers and dating apps. Based on this experience and understanding of the common problems of online dating we have created our own dating service. We are happy to present it here.

Here are some advantages of Promenad that we would like to point:

All functions are free. You can check profiles, can see who visited your profile and who liked you. No need to pay for this! You can see who is online, who is close or far away.

The monetization model is based on the local currency – leaves. One leaf is one like. Leaves renew each 8 hours. But you can have no more than three. So you get three likes per day and a lot of free features. Value your choices and enjoy a good service.

We suggest several purposes of looking for new people: fun, friendship, travel, sports and networking. And who knows what can grow out of doing sports together, a simple chat or travelling together? At least a nice social experience and hopefully a new amazing friendship or even love!

On Promenad people don’t swipe. People use wide search settings and find people with the same interests and the same goals. Our aim is to help users to establish new meaningful social connections. People need people, especially in such a hard time like today.

We put a lot of efforts and emotions in this work and we hope that this app will help people meet each other in a friendly nontoxic environment, where positive emotions surpass negative ones.

Will be very grateful for your feedback, don’t hesitate to share.
Promenad's open beta is at full speed already! We are providing 100 leaves to all active testers (local currency that allows you to like profiles and match with people) instead of the 3 leaves per day that are normally available. Please join and try out our new dating service. To apply for 100 leaves as an active tester, please like my profile https://gopromenad.com/id1 (you need to be logged in on a browser) and you will receive 100 free leaves for testing.

Please send reports of bugs you have found to mailbox [email protected]

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