Kanban board and web extension focused on job applications tracking


Kanban board and web extension focused on job applications tracking

Profilehunt is a special kanban board focused on job hunting. Our aim is to make it easier for people to track job applications especially when they are applying for dozens of jobs.

It has the following features: - A browser extension with which you can add jobs from anywhere with a single click. - We will remind you of your pending applications via email every weekend. So this way you never miss the deadline to apply. - Adding job-related info for each job such as deadline, company, apply links. - Taking notes, adding contacts, adding to-do items, and tracking events for each job application.

Hello everyone 👋

My name is Prithvi and I'm the maker of Profilehunt. I think we can do better in terms of helping job applicants with the job application process. This process can be intimidating if you are applying for dozens of jobs and you have some action items, deadlines, to-dos for each of these applications. Sometimes you bookmark a job and forget about applying for it 🤷‍♂️

Profilehunt is a Kanban board built for tracking job applications. It helps you assemble all application-related information on a single board. It also comes with a browser extension that allows you to add jobs from any website on your board with a click. Profilehunt sends you weekly reports and reminders about your applications.

🚀 Features:

- Add and edit job-specific info for each application such as deadlines, website, description, salary, location.
- Take notes, add contacts, to-do items for each job application.
- Dedicated bookmarks section for adding jobs that are not ready yet for the board.
- Track the history of each application with the timeline.
- Get a visual analysis of your job applications in the reports section.
- With browser extension add jobs from any website, we will send you weekly reports and reminders for these applications.

Thank you for your time! I will be here all day to answer your questions. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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