An AI operations manager for hourly workers

Populace builds AI-assisted text-message tools for hourly workers to book work and get paid ahead of time. Think of it as an operations manager for your one-person operation: when your client is ready to book, just ask Populace to send the link. When you need an update on your revenue to date, just ask Populace. There’s no app to download for your clients, and no habits to change for hourly workers. Just text your clients, get paid on time, and never miss a session again.

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Hey everyone, Sam Gimbel, Co-founder of Populace here!

We're thrilled to announce the closed beta today. Populace addresses major inequities faced by hourly workers by democratizing access to tools that help them succeed. Even as the economy has shifted towards hourly work, we still expect independent businesses to think like employees of larger companies that provide peace of mind in the form of a steady paycheck and guaranteed policy enforcement.

By leveraging AI and placing these tools in the context of the conversations workers are already having with their customers, we reduce the chances of missed appointments, cancellations, and lost payment. Populace makes it possible to manage your entire business from the SMS interface by interacting with a virtual operations manager. To start, we make it easy to get paid on time, keep your schedule straight, and plan for the future. We think you'll love what's to come.

Sign up for the closed beta now and we'll let you know when a space opens up!

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