Shoot, share and discover the world's best photo locations


Shoot, share and discover the world's best photo locations

PIXEO is a simple way for photographers to log, capture, and share the world’s best photographic locations. By browsing a global map of 10,000+ locations, users can navigate to the locations, read info and contribute to each location gallery. Users can also add new locations to the map by uploading their own photos and we curate the collection to make sure each is reviewed for quality and accuracy.

Hey folks, great to be featured on BetaList. I'm not a developer, but a photographer, and I waste hundreds of hours searching for places to take pictures. Whether I'm driving around aimlessly looking for stuff, searching the internet, or hiking in the bush. The vast majority of my time “taking pictures” is actually spent “finding places to take pictures of”. It’s easy to find the “postcard” shots, but when I travel I want to know about the spots to shoot only the locals know about. So my wife and I decided to hire Mindsea to bootstrap PIXEO.

PIXEO is a pretty simple idea. It's a photo app that uses GPS to identify photo locations based on your proximity. You can browse the map, add your own locations, and browse all the locations. We've added 10,600+ locations to the map and that number is growing daily. We curate the collection to make sure that the location additions are good and we work very hard to add new locations daily. We have a very small and grassroots group of users because we just launched but please give it a whirl.

I sincerely hope you'll try it out. The first 30 days is free, cancel anytime and don't hesitate to give me feedback on what we can do better in future versions. I'm pretty new at this, so I really appreciate any advice you have.

I also have promo codes for influencers, so if you'd like one please hit me up on the socials.


Shawn Kent
Hi Shawn,
First off, great idea
I wanted to drop you an email, but your website (shawnkent.ca) - seems to be more or less down - namely, none of the pages except the index works.
Anyway, was interested in if you would be able to auto find the cool locations based on your user's phone's photos that are marked "favorite" - and then you could add those to your app ;)
@photawe Thanks so much for the kind words and the heads up on the site. It appears my webhost rolled back to an older version of php overnight.....but anyway...
If I understand correctly you would add to the app the users photos that are marked as favorite, but I assume not as shared with the PIXEO community. Just a local copy. Interesting concept, I'll bounce the idea among the team as we develop version 2.
@shawnkent I guess people could choose to easily share such locations from your app (and you app would find these locations from the photos the user has marked as favorite -> in other words, if there are, lets say, 10+ photos marked as favorite at location X, the user could then add that location to your map).
(side-note: my app would be kinda' cool for this, but it's windows-only for now :P)
@photawe that’s a cool concept. Seeing as we’re MVP I greatly appreciate the advice. Also fixed my website. Thanks.
Terrific idea, and so cool to see a Halifax startup here and those photos of the Citadel on your landing page. Excited to try this out!
@themikewheaton thanks Mike. It is truly a labour of love. Please don’t hesitate to give us any advice or tips for what we can do better in future versions and welcome to the PIXEO community!

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