A quarterly subscription service for leaders who want to grow their team.

PeopleKit delivers tools to a leader's desk in a physical box each quarter to help their team grow individually and as a unit. As a leader, you want to invest in your team, identify and nurture future leaders and keep valuable people engaged. But it's hard to put people growth ahead of things like sales on the short-term priority list - even when we know the long-term benefits!

When a PeopleKit arrives, you are equipped with 7 to 10 easily-implemented tools (i.e. simulation games) that initiate strategic discussions, introduce new ideas and empower the team to continually improve, while presenting opportunities for individuals to better understand the business, their colleagues and themselves. A Bookshelf Addition, Office "Hangable," and Leader Essentials are also included. PeopleKit is $250 per shipment; the first PeopleKit is set to ship in the second quarter of 2014. Register your email and we'll send you a description of a sample kit!

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