Decide who can download your shared documents, even after hitting Send


Decide who can download your shared documents, even after hitting Send

OneGlimpse can be used by anyone who wants to protect their work when sharing it with others. Replace your email with OneGlimpse and be sure that nobody can forward, download or copy your documents without your permission.

To protect your files from unwanted downloads and screenshots, your recipients can open your documents only in the app. Give them permission to download your files or stop sharing whenever you want, set a time limit and much more.

Hi everyone! 👋

We’re very excited to show you our little baby OneGlimpse. After a long year of developing, designing and decision-making, the beta version of the desktop app is finally here!

The story of OneGlimpse started several years ago when my colleague Koert, an experienced interior engineer, was working for a client abroad. When he finished the project, he had to send the technical drawings he made to this client. However, because of some problems in the client’s organisation, it seemed like they wouldn’t pay him, even though he had already sent the drawings. That was a very scary moment, because it could mean losing a lot of money.

In the end, everything was fine, but it made him wonder: what if you could send something without losing the file? What if you could make a file “downloadable” only after receiving payment? So that’s how the idea of OneGlimpse was born: an app to share files, but without losing ownership.

A year ago, we started the OneGlimpse project to make this idea a reality. Now we can proudly announce that with the beta version, you can share PDFs/images/videos and your recipients can’t download or copy your documents until you give permission. 🙌

OneGlimpse can be used by any designer, artist or creator who needs to share their work with others. Sounds interesting to you? Sign up for the beta on www.oneglimpse.com and take a look at the app! And if you want to share your opinion, we reward our users who give feedback with 3 years of Premium features for free. 😊

Do you prefer to wait until the official release? Follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for updates! Link to our profile: https://twitter.com/OneGlimpse_app

Thanks 🙏

OneGlimpse definitely looks promising. Signed up for the beta. Will definitely share my opinion :). Wishing you all success.
@malayaligeek Thank you! Looking forward to hearing what you think about it 😊

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