Your Private Visual Journal


Your Private Visual Journal

Odyssey is your private journal for all the moments in your life. It's for the moments of contemplation on a long bus ride in a foreign land. It's for moments of connection with a stranger you feel like you've met in a past life. It's for the moments where you feel the world as you know it is unravelling itself and it's for the moments when you feel whole and at peace.

Today you can use Odyssey to capture moments with text and photo. Your moments are all tagged with your location. Your moments are encrypted on your device and backed up to our servers for safe keeping. We believe privacy and data ownership are fundamental human rights and we will never be able to read your data.

Hey! I'm the founder of Totum Technologies and our mission is to build tools for folks who are striving to live their God given purpose.

Odyssey is the first one 🙂We're building Odyssey to be the fastest, easiest way to capture significant moments as they happen.

I've personally found that many of the important moments in my life don't necessarily belong on social media. So they were relegated to the depths of my Notes app.

Odyssey is a home for these moments. Once they're captured, we help you learn more about yourself by surfacing the recurring people and ideas that are on your mind.

If this resonates with you please join our mailing list, we'd love for you to be part of our journey.

Thanks, have a fantastic week, and God bless.

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