Put your Sprints on Autopilot


Put your Sprints on Autopilot

Nirvana.Work takes over Task Management for you. Ever had someone come up to you and ask "When will we ship that feature?". Hate wasting time planning your sprints, and giving status updates in standups everyday? Have no time keep Jira updated, and moving fast just seems chaotic?

Not with Nirvana. Rest easy and build awesome products. Nirvana takes care of the planning for your whole team. The attached GIFs show only some of Nirvana's predictive capabilities. But there's so much more! Check out our page for a full view into what Nirvana can do for you and your team.

I've tried so many project management tools and this is nothing like I've ever seen. Absolutely brilliant!!

Love the simplicity and elegance of the homepage.

The onboarding process is fantastic.

Super stoked to explore Nirvana. And hope to make it part of daily process.

Thanks for making this 🙏🏽
@_sanjeevs Thanks so much for your kind feedback 🙌.

It's responses like yours that keep us going!

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