Free & unlimited email finder


Free & unlimited email finder

Moonkit.io is a set of free & unlimited tools to grow your niche business. Rapidly extract people and emails behind any business website for your B2B outreach, perform a real-time SEO analysis for competition, keywords and search traffic, and deploy automated landing pages.

Hi Andy

Few years ago, email was the king. People got tired of emails and then there are others who religiously manage zero inbox, like me!

GDPR finally killed cold emailing. What's working for me well is connecting with folks on Linkedin, instead of sending out cold emails. All manually as well.

But tools like yours still has a place. So good luck.

By the way, you should consider showing some test results before installed the browser plugin. This might leads to more sign ups. Worth A/B testing.

Best regards
https://skilledup.life (a product of https://techcelerate.ventures
@SkilledUpLife I wonder if it would be a GDPR breach if the email address is publicly listed and any email to that address is one-to-one, not a mass mailing to a list.
Hi there! Thank you for commenting!

Under GDPR you are allowed to email people if they displayed their contact information publicly and if you are contacting them in relation to why they published their contact info :).

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