MadNotes PRO

Markdown PRO- From markdown notepad to productivity powerhouse!

Upgrade your workflow experience! MadNotes PRO - an expanded and incredibly comprehensive version is finally available. From now on you can turn every newly opened browser tab into a powerhouse workspace. The PRO version is laden with advanced features that you'll love:

✅Synchronization on all your devices Your thoughts are now as mobile as you synced and accessible on every device you own. ✅Multiple documents with individual settings Add a splash of color to your documents with our varied color settings, creating a workspace as vibrant as your ideas. Sort your notes in a way that best suits your workflow. ✅Privacy mode Document color settings Keep your ideas safe with top-tier encryption. Maintain the sanctity of your notes with our enhanced privacy mode, keeping your intellectual property safe and secure. ✅Dark and Light Mode Choose your comfort zone with our dark and light modes, adapting to your visual preference and working environment. ✅Document export Share your brilliance with ease, exporting your documents in a MD. format. ✅AES-256 encryption Keep your ideas safe with top-tier encryption

Ideal solution for professionals who frequently switch between browser tabs – from marketers to programmers, journalists, students, and beyond – will find MadNotes PRO indispensable for their digital workflow.

Say goodbye to the days of struggling with cluttered notepads and welcome the era of organized chaos.

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