Facebook for the iTunes Store

Lutebox is the best place to enjoy premium movies, shows, music, sports and games while video-chatting with your friends, at the same time.

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"Facebook for the iTunes store?" Isn't that what Ping is for? How long before Apple - or Facebook - block this anyway?
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Hi Judah, thanks for the comment. Ping is Apple's attempt at social networking within iTunes. Lutebox has nothing to do with either Facebook or Apple iTunes; the tagline "Facebook for the iTunes Store" is meant to be an elevator pitch, to quickly explain the concept to someone who isn't familiar with a product.

Lutebox is an independent social network around entertainment content. We are negotiating deals directly with major record labels and film studios, so that Lutebox users can get access to the best in premium entertainment, be it films, shows, music, sports or games.

The beauty of Lutebox is that you can initiate multi-user video chats with friends on it, while watching content on your own, or by coming together and scheduling a simulcast event and watch it together, at the same time.

Hope this answers your questions. Thanks.

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