Loop Messenger

Provides noise-free, organized group messaging

Loop Messenger

Provides noise-free, organized group messaging

Loop Messenger has one focus - to be the world's best group messaging app.

What makes Loop Messenger the best? Threaded conversations and nested comments keep your group communication organized. Priority notification controls for every group keep you in the loop without the noise. The “shut up” button allows you to mute any conversation. All groups and unread posts are neatly organized in the Message Center. Group creation is painless with no need for phone numbers or emails. Advanced admin controls maximize group management and personalizationActivities and events in your area are easily discoverable. Discovering and joining new groups is super easy.

Hi - we started building LOOP after constantly being annoyed by the noise and disorganization that accompanies group messaging. How many times have you wished you could tell a group message to "shut up" or found yourself scrolling through group messages to find the one message that provided details of where you were supported to meet?

Through threaded messages, a shut up button, refined priority settings for each of your groups (because some groups are just more important than others!), easy group discovery and some cool features like personalized group colors, we believe we've created a group messaging product which stands above everything else that exists in the space.

We hope you take the time to check it out and pre-register. Not only will you get all our extra features FREE for 6-months, you'll also get to experience a whole new, much more enjoyable way to communicate with your groups.

Thanks for your support BetaList community!

Finally!! This is badly needed. Time to move from WhatsApp to Loop!

Can't wait to start using the app 😀
@designjaunt Thanks so much for your support! Yes, we are pretty sure we solved a lot of the WhatsApp and other competitors issues. Would love to hear what you think when the app goes live!
@DonnaMKennett I wondering if you have any release dates for the people in the waitlist?
@designjaunt hi - we are looking for a release in late-June...so about a month away...
@DonnaMKennett that's amazing! Good luck for the release!!
Now use Telegram and WatsApp
But your solution seems to be good, so need to try

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