Rate sites, write and read comments all over the web


Rate sites, write and read comments all over the web

LinkRev is a first and best Web Assistance Platform. LinkRev is a portal and an extension to Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers that help visitors rate sites, read and write comments all over the web!

Rate any sites you visit, read and write comments, reply to opinions of other people. Have best tips related to sites you're browsing at hand. Know first about actively discussed places on the Internet! We are happy and welcome to answer any question possible.

For past months we’ve been obsessively spending every free moment developing LinkRev. It’s high time we present it to you and kindly ask for your feedback.

I'd like to invite you to install LinkRev plugins from the official Google, Mozilla and Opera stores, so that you could notify each other of fake ads, unreliable sellers and discuss hot news on the portal (https://linkrev.com).

LinkRev is different. Ratings and comments stick to websites and aren’t gone from the front page once a new hot topic pops up. They will be available even years after adding them. LinkRev works real time while surfing the Internet. It will change colors and display badges directly in your browser to let you know what other people share about it. Yep, there is no need to get through a painful registration or log in process to start rating sites or reading and writing comments.

See our demo video here: https://vimeo.com/243507482

We got really excited about our idea when we found out how much traction it gets. It is a very rewarding feeling to find out after a few days that over 850 people use your product according to Google Chrome Store alone. Wow, hard work really pays off!

Chrome Plugin:

Firefox Plugin:

Opera Plugin:

Anyway. That's where we are today. I'm excited to see what you'll do with it and let me know if you have any questions or feedback. 🙌
@dawiddworak88 Great job. I can't believe such a tool didn't take off before. I'm also surprised that there are quite useful comments already present on most popular websites. Good luck!
Thanks for this great help. I was looking for it all over the internet but founding no where. I was trying to implement it on

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