Calendar untangled


Calendar untangled

Lightpad is a new kind of calendar with linear dates alignments. This helps to perceive time as a spatial dimension and utilise your visual cortex to understand the upcoming or past events.

This is so cool - very creative and unique, not sure I've seen a calendar tool like this :) I made a few annotated notes here too that I hope you find useful in increasing your conversions, best of luck with this! https://app.usebubbles.com/127d09c1-a9f6-4b50-9780-86533fbb3a52
@tommedema hi Tom! Whoa, thanks for the kind words!
Thanks for the feedback. I do agree with all items, I plan to upgrade the landing in coming weeks.

Would love to see you among our users, or to hear your wishes if Lightpad doesn't have features that you need.

This all looks fantastic! Just a couple of things I'll add, add a sign up link at the end of the tutorial. Also now that I have signed up by email (which I always prefer), I can find no option to connect to existing calendars such as Google Calendar.
@ianmayman hi Ian, thank you for kind words, they bring warmth to my heart!
Yes, that's a good call on sign up links.
Calendars integration is a good call as well. It's in my stack already, many people ask for it.

Would be honoured to see you among Lightpad users.

I'll inform when calendar sync is done.

@spacegangster You're welcome. Also I don't recall verifying my email and the time limit has now expired, yet I've not been asked again to verify. Maybe I had already verified the email.
@ianmayman also if you've logged in via social network which knows the same email – it will be verified automatically.

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