Create legal contracts in seconds


Create legal contracts in seconds

Juro helps you create, sign and manage legal contracts for your business. We provide you with an AI-enabled, integrated environment where you can automate the process around creating contracts, collaborate with your team and e-sign with counterparties. If you come across any tricky points, you can just add your lawyer to your workspace and see their comments in real time. This way, your legal spend goes on bespoke advice, while Juro takes care of everything else.

Thanks for all the sign-ups guys! I lead the team at Juro and will be really happy to hear any feedback or answer any questions.

We're on a mission to change the way that small businesses create, sign and manage legal contracts. We're currently in private beta and would love to hear about any legal nightmares you have had or features you would like to see.

You can get the team here or at [email protected] Thanks again for your support! #LegalRevolution

Richard (and the team)

Congratulations on joining Seedcamp, guys!
@KaloyanYankulov Thanks Kalo! It's very exciting and has really helped to accelerate our growth. Appreciate the support.
Looks awesome! What sort of integrations are you looking at?
Thanks Rob! Integration is really important for us, as we're all about taking the friction out of contracts. We want to offer a range of integrations, including Slack, Xero and Salesforce so we can operate from within those ecosystems and make our workflow as seamless as possible. We are also building our own API, so Juro can be integrated into other business workflows.
@RMabey FYI: people only get notified of your comment if it's a direct reply (using the REPLY link) or if you @mention them.

So I'm mentioning @Robtall here (hello Rob!) so he'll see your answer :)
@marckohlbrugge Thanks Marc - and for featuring us! Been awesome. R
Hi Richard, can the contracts be in other languages than english, when could I get the access code? Also, what is the AI part exactly, is there a demo?
@pkoval Hi Pavel - thanks for the questions.

On AI, we are currently building natural language processing in the UI, so we move away from simple form filling and into more of a 'human' interaction when building the contracts. We are also looking at applying machine learning to the automation process, so we can better understand customer needs.

On languages, the contracts will be in English to start with, but we will soon be looking to expand into other jurisdictions and languages. We will follow up with an access code and a demo is available upon request.
Looks good. Which contracts do you guys think you'll target next?
@thriva_ Thanks thriva. We will be rolling out a suite of startup focused documents shortly, including NDAs, freelancer contracts, IP assignments and employment contracts. Do drop us a line if there are contracts you think should be added.

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