Make strangers pay for their cold emails


Make strangers pay for their cold emails

InboxFee is an Android app that helps you deal with cold emails from strangers in your Gmail inbox. You can auto-reply with an 'inbox fee invoice' saying 'pay a small fee if you want me to read your stuff'. There are options to help you keep your inbox clean, like 'mark email as read if I sent an invoice', or 'add star if invoice is paid', etc. This way you can tell strangers that your attention is valuable and remove clutter from your inbox at the same time.

i highly doubt that someone will pay to spam you, i wish you good luck anyway..
@yvonboulianne I would. I run a cold email agency and believe the B2B buying model could use some updating. If I could guarantee 1000 of my ideal customers would actively consume my pitch for say $1, I'd be happy to experiment with that.

Makes it even easier to accurately calculate CPL and CPA metrics too, which is definitely an added benefit.

I honestly believe this could be part of the future of B2B buying. People who don't mind reviewing their current options can opt-in to being pitched to, while businesses can pay to pitch to certain people.
Cold emails suck. Curious to know how this works more!

I've left some feedback for the landing page, hope some of the points may help for future updates:


Congratulations launching on Betalist!

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