Earn points when you Buy, Sell & Hold on Opensea - Trade up for NFT prizes

Funky is a Web3 Chrome Extension which rewards users points passively, for buying, selling & holding NFT Tokens. Funky turbocharges MetaMask, Opensea, Rarible etc. by gamifying the Web3 experience to drive loyalty + network growth.

Points can be redeemed for Bluechip NFT's, Mint List Spots, Cryptocurrency Bundles, Partner NFT Mints + more. Funky Extension users can mint Mojo Vial Multipliers to passively multiply the points they earn daily, expediting the path to rewards. Funky is a cross community platform which hinges off cross community visibility & network growth to benefit all stakeholders in the Funky Ecosystem! Betalist Members get their first Multiplier NFT for free!

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