Add free live chat support to your website without coding


Add free live chat support to your website without coding

FreeChat is a live chat widget that builds a bridge between you and your customers through an instant live chat on your website for both desktop and mobile. How does it work? By using popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Mail, Instagram (and more) or phone number and SMS as a channel.

We know that your team needs to be available in real-time to answer questions and provide support. The driving idea behind FreeChat is simple: making it easy for all website owners to connect with customers and visitors with real-time conversations. Build your personalized live chat widget in minutes without coding. And the best part? It’s completely free!

Hi, Emre!

Sounds like a great product! How do you keep the app free? Usually live chat services cost quite a buck.

Also, how hard is to implement your live chat in a Webflow website? What about Carrd?
@GeorgyBuns Hi, Georgy!

FreeChat is not a too sophisticated standalone live chat tool like Intercom. Instead, it aims to make it easy and affordable for small business owners to connect all messaging apps in one chat window for customer support.

It works like a bridge between a business's messaging channels. All in one reach.

As for integration with Webflow, you'll only need to copy and paste the given code snippet before the closing of the </body> tag. Project Settings > Custom Code > Footer Code

Pasting the code before the closing of the </body> tag will work for any website.

Look interesting but there's problem for me
1- chat window always pop up, bad UX
2- can't send a msg, go to a whatsapp error windows
@yvonboulianne Thank you for checking our tool.

1- We've recently tested it and the chat window remains closed until the user clicks on it so it doesn't always popup.
2- If you select whatsapp to send a message, it will take you to your whatsapp app or whatsapp web. Basically, FreeChat works like an intermediate between messaging tools, your website, and the visitor.
@popupsmartcom I'm using chrome and it do that, popup always go back up (checked again) maybe it's because i don't have whatapp...
I also click on the whatapp button, only push return key or the send arrow after writing a msg..
i can create a video for you or send you more info to help if you want to fix it, give me an email and i'll send it to you.
@yvonboulianne What makes FreeChat stay free is that it relies on third party platforms (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc).

So it's designed to redirect users to the selected app and send their message from the selected platform, not on or through FreeChat. Otherwise, we couldn't keep this tool free.

FreeChat makes it easy for visitors to find your messaging platforms in one place, available through a single "send" click.

If you write a message and click send, it will open a new window asking you to select Whatsapp web or app. Then, you'll chat with the website owner.

It's just a simple alternative solution to paying loads to top live chat tools. Thank you for your comments and interest. 🙂

Hi, is it possible to connect Freechat to Zendesk?

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