Rapidly build and deploy cloud-based data pipes


Rapidly build and deploy cloud-based data pipes

Flex.io is a framework for moving and processing data files. Transform manual data processing work and hacky scripts into automated, cloud-based pipes.

Grab and send files to SaaS apps, web file-storage or databases. Schedule pipes for transformation and clean-up or run on-demand via the command line or on a website using the API. Let pipes do your data dirty work.

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Hi all!

Ken here, one of the co-founders. We're five guys that have been doing data gynmastics in one form of another for a while. We've found that one of the main bottlenecks of doing data stuff is that, once you've done all the ad hoc work, it usually takes a greater amount of time and infrastructure to string it together into a repeatable processes. Flex.io is our attempt to make this process a little better.

We're providing betalisters instant access with the link above and would really appreciate any feedback you can provide. Feel free to comment here or, even better, use the intercom/chat button at the bottom of the app itself.

Thank you!!!

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