Evolution 2

Improve behaviors

Evolution 2

Improve behaviors

Evolution 2 (E2) is a behavior optimization tool that enables users to make significant improvements in their lives through defining, acquiring, and tracking habits. E2 also provides guided diagnoses of roadblocks to building habits, optional coaching from subject matter experts, and sharing among friends and colleagues for added accountability.

Hi, so a bit more about the story behind our product:

Over the last 5 years I've developed a daily habit building and life management system.

The results for me have been massive. I’ve gone from dreading social situations to excelling in them. I've gone from overlooking details to being a detail enthusiast. I've gone from exercising every once in a while to exercising so often that I need to force myself to take days off.

I’ve improved my sleep quality, trained myself to rise immediately from sleep, reduced my alcohol intake, stopped drinking caffeine, increased my ability to focus and avoid distractions, built the habit of running disciplined meetings and tracked my important conversations to build stronger relationships.

I've finally worked with a team to make it into something that you can use.

If you've been trying to make some changes in your life and are having trouble or if you're just into building habits and structured self-assessment we're looking for beta testers.

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