Facebook Fan pages for Crowdsourcing (+ get early access!)

Evly lets you engage with your crowd or community. Ask them for feedback, get them to design or come up with ideas, let them help you improve your business. And in addition to your community helping you, the top challenges get displayed to the entire evly crowd.

Contact @EricEdelstein to get a code for the 'advanced builder'.

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hi everyone, glad to see so many people wanting access to test out the advanced builder on evly. There is HUGE demand at the moment, and we'll get them through to you as quickly as we can.

Remember, our simple builder DOESN'T require a code, so go to evly and try it out.

As an extra way of thanking you for helping us get the advanced builder spot on, the first 20 people that email co-founder Eran will not only get given a code for the advanced builder but Eran will strategise with you what you should be crowdsourcing, and then will BUILD your advanced challenge for you. email eran (AT) evly (DOT) com...
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here's a VERY simple example of what our advanced builder is able to do (look at the 4 current crowdsourcing challenges on the home page).


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