Event Anywhere

The all-in-one platform for more personable online events

Event Anywhere

The all-in-one platform for more personable online events

Event Anywhere is the all-in-one platform for more personable online events. We empower speakers, exhibitors, and attendees with our 360° communication suite and life-like networking and exhibition hall.

Our users are event organizers, not techies. They focus on what they do, while we take care of the rest. Event Anywhere is an end-to-end solution, supporting events from registration through to close, making the switch from in-person to virtual a breeze.

Hi there,

It looks like an interesting product. Recreate the full meeting dynamic online is something that misses today.

Have you considered to build some integrations for this product?


Hi Valentin,

Thanks for the feedback.

We've got a few integrations on the product road map, but of course, any feedback is always welcomed.

What integrations would you have in mind for making our product more useful?

Appreciate it, thanks.

Event Anywhere Team

The most apparent integrations are Slack and Teams, to let your users get notified when something happens in space, and answer directly without leaving Slack.

I think that Google Calendar and Outlook calendar could be quite useful integration too.

Less obvious, but quite interesting too, you can envisage building a zoom integration for people that don't want to give up Zoom.

That's the first thought I had without having experienced your product. I would probably have more recommendations otherwise.

I'm curious, which integrations have you put your product roadmap?


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