A dating app that brings order to chaos

EVE is a mobile dating app for the iOS that solves the fundamental collective action problem of online dating. On EVE, male users are assigned a score based on how often they swipe right: The more generous they are with their thumb, the lower their score. Since women can also see them, the eveSCORE system discourages men from "casting a wide net", a behavior that ultimately lowers their chances of getting a match.

EVE also enables users to incorporate up to four of their closest friends from Facebook into the app's core match-making functionality. As users swipe through profiles, they can see who any of their eveFRIENDS have swiped right on and be notified if they make a mutual match.

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Wow! Really amazing app! Thanks, I'll surely give it a try. I'll use it paralelly with http://www.cupid.com/married-dating.htm . Online dating is perfect for a shy and awkward person like me:)

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