The first visual editor for both websites and apps


The first visual editor for both websites and apps

Designware is a visual editor that allows users to design and publish fully-hosted websites, PWAs, and apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. It was made by creatives, for creatives, and doesn't require any coding or training.

Our most popular features include: - Automatically Responsive: projects can be edited in any shape or size thanks to built-in flex properties and custom breakpoints. - Full Customization: you're not limited to a template and can customize content blocks to the Nth degree. - Green Data: we're the first design system with all user projects running on renewable energy. - Freebies: all plans include free assets, hosting, and SSL certificates.

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I’m a sucker for no-code tools as a current no-code developer.

Designware seemed to be a great app when I first saw it here but I disappointed quite fast when I checked their website and product features. Don’t get me wrong: the idea of no-code visual editors is great. It seems to me that designers can make websites easily on Designware. This product heavily resembles Webflow and Webflow is really great.

Though Designware’s comes with a caveat — it’s just for websites, not apps. I hope I’m wrong about it but after checking the website I didn’t find any really useful features that can be used in apps. Indeed, you can export your website to various platforms. Truly, magnificent! But in the end, it doesn’t make any sense.
Designware’s website doesn’t showcase any possible apps, what you can do. The Features page just shows that you can build websites, just visual stuff. There are no native app features like recording audio, uploading content, push notifications, et cetera. Moreover, I’m not sure that there is API support. Maybe there are no forms and stuff like that.

Again, Designware can be a great solution for some people who want to create websites without a lot of stuff going on the backend side. I’m not sure that there are components (re-usable blocks) but I guess the devs will add this feature later. If so, then people can create more complicated stuff than just static websites. However, I didn’t find any CMS support.

In the end, Designware’s website doesn’t do a good job of explaining how the product works.

The pricing is overpriced in my humble opinion — considering what features you get for this price.

I wish all the best to Designware’s team. You can create a rock-solid product, just a push a little bit more in the development and make the website more meaningful and user friendly explanation-wise.
@GeorgyBuns also, for some unknown reason, the loading times are quite long and there is no scroll bar (???) on the website.
Hi @GeorgyBuns, I'm Andrew, a founder at Designware and a fellow designer. Thanks so much for giving our platform a spin—we really appreciate your time and feedback. A bunch of what you referenced are things we're actively working on around the clock—gotta love startup life!

Like many new platforms, we chose a dedicated entry point (easy/robust design options in our case) that lay a strong foundation to build on our goal of true no-code apps and platforms (and which are not just derivatives of limited templates).

In the very near term you'll see big speed gains, re-usable components, interactive states, and other cool design options. In the coming weeks and months we'll be unveiling lots of example projects, additional templates, and utilities like forms, user inputs, integrations, dynamic databases/the CMS, etc. In the meantime our users have been making good use of low-code blocks to integrate whatever they like, and producing their app prototypes, MVPs, kiosks, websites, etc.

Thanks again for giving it a go, and I sincerely hope we can help you out down the road!
@AndrewDesignwre thanks for the comprehensive reply. I think it will be better for you to mention all of that on your website and state that you are still evolving. Cross-platform app and website creation is a killer feature, though I would love considering to use your service if there will be API and databases support.

Can you give me any ideas of what kind of mobile apps can be created with current Designware?

I wish you all the best — no-code tools are a great thing and it’s the future. I’m glad that no-code tools got a brand new life while the idea of no-code is not new.

Also, the idea to you: I don’t think you’ll make a backend stuff for Designware designers, so maybe you can create some guides on Bubble/Integromat + Designware.
This all looks great, but I'm just wondering what makes up an exported website, and how easy might it be to edit that exported website?

I'm guessing it's HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and can be uploaded to server by FTP, but editing post-export would require some coding knowledge, is that right?
@ianmayman Thanks Ian! So we don't export websites to code at the moment. Apps can be downloaded in .ipa, .apk, .exe, or .dmg formats directly to your computer, while websites and PWAs are auto-hosted and published directly to the web. You can edit and update them directly from our editor.

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