Cookiecutter SaaS

A template for SaaS websites

Cookiecutter SaaS is a highly specialised project template based on Django and (optionally) React/Redux. It allows its users to start to write their application right away, instead of wasting time setting up things like user registration, subscription management and the like. It uses Docker for development and production.

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It's a shame we're almost done our development for the launch of our new free business phone service. This would have been a great tool for us to take advantage of. Looks very interesting.
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This does look exciting. I'd love a quick way to spin up new sites, but the boilerplate is crushing.

2 other services that could be beneficial: (event & activity stream) and Cloudinary (image & video + transformation + delivery). Both have nice Django integration.
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I'm seriously considering launching my SaaS project soon. Currently, I've been working on a business plan for my SaaS business. Website will be my next task. A good friend of mine, who is a web designer, recommends me to use Moto CMS3 template to set up a website for my SaaS company ( ). These templates look great indeed!

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