Cloud platform for real-time SEO auditing and content change tracking


Cloud platform for real-time SEO auditing and content change tracking

ContentKing is a cloud platform for Real-time SEO Auditing and Content Change Tracking. Monitoring your website 24/7, ContentKing alerts you of any change or issue impacting your search engine performance.

As a worlds first, ContentKing gives you the opportunity to fix problems before your rankings and revenue are impacted. Because search engines never sleep.

I tried contentking a while ago and thought it was a great addition to other seo tools. However, I thought price wise it was too high, and especially it misleads in its pricing on its website. You cannot have 'unlimited' websites for £69 a month and you are not free to divide your page bundle across as many websites as you like. If you could I would have subscribed straight away. Instead you have to pay for a minimum 1000 pages for each site. So great for large websites, but a terrible deal for small websites.

Great tool though and really helpful support. Just a shame about the misleading pricing and only being of real benefit for large sites.
I understand what Populo is saying about the fact that ContentKing's minimum site size for billing purposes is 1000 pages. SO if you have five sites with 250 pages, that means you can monitor five sites for the price of their 5000 page package. That has been a problem for me as well. This is something I hope they will be able to change, at least down to 500 pages, as that would help a lot.

But even with this restriction, we continue to subscribe because the platform is that good. The value of having a technical SEO product that is totally proactive, meaning I do not have to run it or even remember to do anything to keep an eye on my sites is phenomenally helpful. And their support is exceptional.

Thus, I highly recommend trying this platform as I believe you will find this one downside will be outweighed by all its upsides. And once they can update their system to "fix" this one issue that Populo mentions, it will be the platform of choice for the masses.

I hope this helps some of my fellow Beta-listers.
Seems interesting...I would love to use this for the content of my site https://www.helmetadviser.com
Would anyone please explain how they work???

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