Team up with friends to create amazing video stories

Cloop, take selfies and upload photos for brands to win goodies & gift vouchers. Participate in events of interesting topics inside channels like Fashion, Food, Travel, and Masti. Be a responsible citizen by posting in Activism events.

Members who post the best photos and videos get featured and selected in a cloop. Extra points for inviting friends and getting them to post as well! Members with the best posts and most friends are likely to be selected and declared the winner! Win prizes such as Amazon gift vouchers, Flipkart gift vouchers, Travel goodies, Beauty hampers, and more! Did we tell you – Cloop is the place to celebrate your personal events like birthdays, weddings, parties, trips, and create videos with the people you love. Create events and invite your friends to post photos and videos. Stitch them together seamlessly and quickly to get videos that can be easily shared on your social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat.

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