Create a custom logo, branding style guide and website in seconds

Brandmark is a generative AI that creates unique brand identities. Give it a few keywords describing your brand in English, and it will create a logo, color scheme and font pairings that work together as a cohesive brand identity.

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Hey Jack, that's super cool, on what stage are you? and how much would cost to use brandmark?
I'm a co-founder at Monte ( - personalised way to build websites) and a product like yours could stand as the entry point to our process, looking forward to hear from you!
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@sfinciuc hey Sergiu. I'm still working on the pricing but it will be per-use rather than a SaaS.

Brandmark will be a collection of generators tied to a recommendation engine. One of these generators is already online as

what I'm working on now is the font pairing and logo generators, then gather feedback from some awesome betalisters : ]

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