Supercharge your personal brand


Supercharge your personal brand

Brandie is a Facebook Messenger chatbot which is targeted at university students and freshers to help them improve their professional presence online by providing personalized & tailored insights based on their individual profiles.

It walks you through various modules such as having a personal website, writing blogs, using LinkedIn and Twitter to interact with professionals and why they're important to ensure greater discoverability.

👋 Hey guys! Glad to be launching Brandie on BetaList.

Why do we need something like this? Personal branding is how you present yourself so people remember you. And the interesting part is, we’re already doing this without thinking about it. We all have social media profiles, but most people don’t realize the value of a professional personal brand.

What are the benefits of having a strong professional personal brand?
- Network with potential employers
- Control your image instead of random profiles showing up on Google Search
- Grow your businesses

How does Brandie help?
- A personalized chatbot which walks you through the essentials of personal branding
- Targeted primarily at university students & fresh graduates
- The conversational flow makes sure beginners aren't overwhelmed at the procedure

The Development Experience
- It was my first time building a chatbot, and I have to thank the brilliant Facebook Messenger Bots community - which really helped me at times when I was stuck at silly things
- I've come to appreciate how services like Heroku really make deployment so much easier
- My first time building something completely on my own, the entire idea-design/branding-development-launch flow.

Bonus point: I wrote an article about my entire experience, and it got featured in Chatbots Magazine, the leading resource for chatbot development on the internet! 🌟

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