Your daily project manager


Your daily project manager

Beat is a step-by-step project manager. No endless task lists. Focus on the main goals, discuss them with your team and get things done.

Hi everyone! And thanks for your interest to the project.

The main idea of the Beat is to split project on milestones and show you only the task you need to do right now, without the mess. Also communication is a key, so you could comment and discuss like every piece of your project: milestone, tasks, files - everything.

All features was designed with team work in mind, so if you could test it out with yours it would be awesome. And all kind of feedback and "Hi"-s are highly appreciated!

Hey. How long should we expect wait before receiving an invite?
BTW, invite delivery is planned on December. But if you want to get your invite asap, just contact me somewhere.
Hi Dmitriy - my partner and I are in the start phase of our new venture and there is a lot to do - we have been trying to use Asana and Slack to manage everything - but Beat may be the tool we should be using - please send me an invite - we would need two users thats all - thanks in advance.
@phatcatbrett Hi Brett!

Sure, but it seems like your email is different from your name/username here. So just contact me at [email protected] to keep your mail private.

@LevchenkoD Thanks Dmitriy - I sent you an email will need two invites please :)
@phatcatbrett Just sent you an invitation, also you could invite up to 5 teammates to your project. Cheers and welcome aboard! :)
Quick comment - in setting up I see you have spelt Archive wrong - it says Achieve
I'm happy to wait for the invite in December, but so many project management apps are for teams. Is your app of benefit to an individual working alone on personal and professional projects?
@ianmayman Hey Ian,

Shortly - yes. Beat is designed to handle any projects, and individual as well. For the last few months I've used it to organize two trips, car repair and some other small processes and it worked out. So don't hesitate to use it for your own needs and different cases. And it's be great to hear about your experience with handling your projects on the beat.


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