A drowsy-driving/driver safety app

AutoLert is a camera app that uses computer vision to remediate drowsy driving, speeding, and other reckless behaviors with gentle, real-time alerts, or “AutoLerts". The app will be free and our goal is to improve driver safety. Great for teens fresh out of driver's-ed or for people with long trips. If you drive 40 miles without receiving a single "AutoLert", we will buy you a cup of coffee.

Your camera and location data remains privately stored on your device until the session terminates, at which point the data is wiped completely from the app. We never collect routes. The only metric that's sent to the database are safety infractions - number of times the driver breaks the speed limit, recklessly accelerates, becomes distracted at the wheel, etc. Your data will never be used against you in any way, just be used to help you become a safer driver. :)

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