Siri for Nutrition & Fitness

Astro is your personal digital assistant focused on getting you to your health goals. You simply talk to Astro about your diet and exercise plans! For example: “I had granola for breakfast and lasagna for lunch.” “I went for a 30 minute jog today.”

Astro listens and responds, giving you feedback instantly and telling you what to do next to accomplish your goal. Astro can recommend exercises, plan your day, or even answer questions about nutrition.

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Really excited to be featured! Would love to get your feedback :)
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Interesting idea, but I'd be concerned about the confusing name. Not only does 'Astro' have nothing to do with health and/or fitness, but the Astro email app ( has also, at times, touted itself as a personal digital assistant.

That said, I have worked in the wellness industry for 31 years and I see a wave of nutrition, fitness, health, wellness bots coming. Good to see you all getting out in front. I'd love to check out Astro (hopefully on Android.) Best of luck.
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@just_S Hi, thanks for checking it out! You're right, we have seen the Astro email app. Our inspiration for Astro was from the Flintstones. I hope you would find Astro to be as friendly and helpful!

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