Monetise your expertise


Monetise your expertise

AskTina is the simplest way for experts to monetise their advice online.

Our simple chat widget integrates seamlessly onto any website and allows immediate monetisation of advice through chat, phone or video communication.

Thanks for posting guys!

Any questions just ping them in here :)

This sounds interesting as I'm always giving advice for free despite rarely having any money, I hope a rating system will be included to help users create a reputation for good advice and filter out those giving bad advice.
@ianmayman Great shout Ian, this is on our feature list.

Have you applied for a widget? ;)
@asktinaio I looked, but I haven't applied because whilst I have a website, it doesn't prove or verify the value of my advice.
@ianmayman Sure, understood. Drop me a mail on [email protected] if you would like me to take a look :)
This is a great idea, as people usually come to my website to ask for advice. However, I noticed that the widget survey/application only asks for 1 area of expertise, which is problematic. I have 3 different audiences coming to my website for advice on three very different topics- English as a Second Language Education, Coding Bootcamps and Remote Work. Could this be an option you consider in the future?
@AWill2Go Alex, great feedback! Of course, if you are accepted for a single expertise we will definitely be willing to discuss enabling your Widget for multiple sites :)
@asktinaio I look forward to receiving your application
@asktinaio Haha, I should have multiple sites, but for now I only have one.
How do experts get paid? Stripe connect? Do you have native apps to enable chatting on the go?
@MerchooStore GREAT questions :)

Experts get paid through Stripe Connect yes.

And yes, we have web app, iOS and Android apps for Experts to use.

Do we have your application in yet as you seem to know a lot about this? ;)
Interesting! I would love to see if this can integrate with my travel blog to provide advice to readers!
@wh_travelwell It most probably can ;) Let me know when your application is in and I will fast track.
the website is no longer available...

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