Discover, vote and view works of fine art


Discover, vote and view works of fine art

Artcreep is a visual discovery platform for people who love Fine Art.

Artcreep enables artists to post their work and allows users to vote, comment and discuss great art every day.

Hi! We've built Artcreep as a place for artists and art lovers to bond over pieces they like.

If you're familiar with sites like Reddit or Product Hunt you'll perhaps draw big similarities with what we're trying to do with Artcreep - to create an amazing place to discover great art everyday.

We also have a voting algorithm, entailing only the best content gets pushed to the top! So it's also a great way for artists to launch their work and gain exposure.

If you're a fan of art we think you'll love us! 😻

I'm flying from Hong Kong to London in a few hours but would love to answer any questions you may have.
@SupArchie Will anyone be able to submit art, or just the artists? Curious to hear your thought process behind this. As I'm sure you're aware of on BetaList all the startups are submitted by the founders enabling us to do some interesting links like having this Community Feedback section where as a user you're sure your feedback will be heard.

On the other hand, it's hard to start a community like this, because you'll require both artists and art lovers to be on the site from day one.
@marckohlbrugge Hi Marc! Yes, anyone can submit art. We don't want to limit posting rights to artists initially, although posting will be regulated quite strictly to ensure we maintain great content!

Having a platform for artists and art-lovers to answer questions and discuss pieces of work is a core feature of what we've built.

You're absolutely correct in the assumption that on-boarding both sides of this coin from the get-go is quite a challenge.

Thankfully we've been working super hard offline to connect with artists who'll be ready to discuss their work with our small community on launch!

Merry Christmas and thanks for having us here 🎅
@SupArchie Cool. Do you know www.wetransfer.com by any chance? They are a file sharing site with 'wallpaper-advertising'. I believe for about 50% of their pageviews they swap out the ads for art to promote up-and-coming artists. Might be worth exploring a partnership down the road or see if you can draw some inspiration from them. (Once you've built an audience I can see awesome-looking display ads / commissioned art working well for you.)
@marckohlbrugge Hi Marc sorry for such a late response. This is great advice - I'm going to look into partnerships and this is something I was totally unaware of - it's awesome! Major 🔑

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