Your personal knowledge bot


Your personal knowledge bot

Ariv helps you stay organized and easily find information that you need from Slack channels and messages without having to search for it or read every message that pops up. Just tell Ariv what interests you and ask a question when you need to find something.

Hey there,

Today we’d like to share what we’ve built with the BetaList community!

Ariv.ai is a new way to find and share knowledge, a personal knowledge bot if you will and today we are launching Ariv for Slack. As more and more teams collaborate remotely, tools like Slack are the “thread” that ties conversations together. We’ve built Ariv to make it easier to stay on top of things that interest you, as well as find answers from these conversations, just ask Ariv. Ariv is our attempt to bring sanity back to Slack (and other collaboration tools soon)

With Ariv you can ask questions, like you would if your colleague was within earshot, and get answers. List the topics that interest you, and schedule when you’d like to get a digest of messages for these topics. Earn “Karma” points for creating & curating community knowledge right within slack.

And that’s not even the best part!

You can do all of these things without writing knowledge articles, or flagging pieces of content as knowledge. Let artificial intelligence and machine learning do the heavy lifting, users simply continue having conversations as they normally do, Knowledge Management without the overheads of managing knowledge.

Go on, sign up for the beta, and if you run a Large public Slack Community and would like to see what ariv can do to make the tribal knowledge within your channels more accessible, contact us to discuss how we can help.

Though ariv is built on our robust iengage.ai platform, it’s still an early version and we know that there will be glitches. Please do not hesitate to ping us when you find an issue, and we’ll do whatever it takes to resolve the problem.

We’d love to know how you and your team manage enterprise knowledge at the moment. What's great and what's not-so-great about your current process. If you have any suggestions, ideas or insights feel free to shoot me an email, DM or post a reply right here. We’d love to hear from you, especially about how you’d like to use Ariv.

Use Ariv to
- capture and reuse tribal knowledge that flows through your slack channels
- spread knowledge more evenly across your teams
- avoid notification fatigue, without missing important posts
- reduce the need to keep answering the same (or similar) questions over and over again

If you haven’t already, sign up and join our slack community (arivusers.slack.com), Ariv’s will be excited to meet you and answer any questions that you may have.
Our slack workspace get's pretty busy with employees chatting throughout the day, it's quite a clutter. Searching for things within Slack is a bit of a challenge.
I have been using Ariv for a while now and it solves the noisy slack problem.
Not even bothered signing up for a trial after I say "Slack". Sorry but good luck.

Best regards
https://skilledup.life (a product of https://techcelerate.ventures)
@SkilledUpLife Hi Manoj, what went wrong? The only way to sign up for the trial is to drop your email in the sign up field on https://launch.ariv.ai, once you do that you will be in line to get invited to try Ariv in Slack.
@iEngage_AI What I meant was, I would have trialled if it was a stand alone product. As it's used within Slack and I'm suffering from Slack fatigue, I decided not to try.
@SkilledUpLife HI, I'm the founder at Aikon Labs and we made Ariv for folks just like you. Avoid the fatigue, let Ariv know what you like to know and how often-she never gets fatigued. And in case you need to know something just ask Ariv. Would love to know what you think-just take her for a spin in our Slack (oops) community channel

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