App Radar

A unique app store optimization and app publishing tool

App Radar is an online tool that helps app developers understand and optimize their app store appearance. It comes with a useful keyword tracking & research functionality and is the first tool that lets them publish and manage app store listings for both Google Play & Apple App Store in one place. It lets app owners use the full potential of their app to get it to more users.

App Radar offers an all-in-one app store marketing solution to take app store optimization to the next level. The tool, therefore, consists out of two modules, each concentrating on app publishing and keyword tracking functionality.

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Thank you for featuring us! It's great to see App Radar on BetaList. :)

For everyone, who is not yet familiar with App Store Optimization, it is a similar process to SEO, just for apps. Thus, you optimize your app store metadata in order to increase your ranking position in certain search results. When you want to know exactly if your app is visible for potential users, App Radar can help you.

Why we take App Store Optimization to the next level is, because we offer more than a simple ASO Tool. App Radar also lets you optimize, translate, edit and publish all your metadata and app store assets for iOS iTunes Connect and Google Developer console.

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Happy Optimizing, everyone :)

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