a simplified management system for animals information. Your solution on animals care.

AnimalSystem arose on the need for a link between people who love and protect animals and companies that provide services and professional ethics related to animals.

The correct management of historical information of animals such as vaccines, dates of consultation, registration of different situations that occurred during the animal's life can be very important for a veterinarian and for a company that believes in developing a new product for this audience .

This type of service has a big role by encouraging a greater commitment to social responsibility issues with animals and helping to tutors and protectors to deal with this information, in addition the system also aims to bring some advantages like discounts and shopping club collective aid and registration procedures for adoption and a security tool with the collar of animal identification and registration.

All this in an social network environment, accessible from any device with Internet access and integrated with the most used web services.

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More than a lucrative web tool, that's an idea that would bring a social responsibility to the fore. Only in the largest city in Brazil 9 billion was spent on pet care last year. U. S. In this figure is certainly much higher. AnimalSystem is central to tap into these needs and interests. All with a great social responsibility involved. Lets sign-up and register your pets soon. If you are veterinarian you will be able to manage your professional life on the web everywhere.

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