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Building a product customers really want and marketing it to them are the most difficult parts of launching a startup. That's why we built BetaList to help entrepreneurs like you show off their startup to an audience of over 25,000 early adopters ready to provide you with valuable feedback.

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How to get featured

Getting featured on BetaList is a matter of answering a few questions about your startup. We don't accept all types of startups however. Your startup should not be live yet, but instead have a 'coming soon' homepage where visitors can subscribe to a mailing list.

Getting featured is free. We offer a paid option of $129 for those that like to skip the waiting queue.


Your startup should not be live yet. It should have a decent-looking 'coming soon' page where visitors can subscribe to a mailing list. Your site should have a custom design and not use a template such as LaunchRock, Unbounce, etc.

What to expect

The number of visitors and sign ups your startup will receive depends on a lot of factors including your target demographics. Expect a couple of hundred visitors and anywhere between 50 and 500 sign ups.

Our guarantee

If you paid for the expedited review and you are unhappy with the results we will send you a full refund.

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