Turn feedback into meaningful insights and build data-driven roadmaps

Wald.io allows your customers or internal teams to easily share ideas, bugs, and love with you. Get your dedicated feedback board and turn large quantities of user feedback into meaningful insights. Keep everyone updated with a beautiful roadmap and automated notifications.

Wald.io works seamlessly with the tools you already use – like GitHub, Trello, Slack and so many more.

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This sounds interesting. Are you using Wald yourself yet to build Wald? Any interesting feedback you've received so far that influenced your roadmap?
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@marckohlbrugge Hi, Marc! Yes, we're dogfooding our product. We have an internal feedback board which we share with a closed group of people at the moment. It will be public soon. We've received very positive and constructive feedback so far which helped us to prioritize the right things and find the tasks with the best impact/effort ratio. The user response already gave us insights to rethink some ideas – and that is exactly what we want with wald.io. Don't build things nobody wants :)
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@DaniStefanovic Cool! Looking forward seeing it in practice!
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This looks really interesting!

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