Collect in-app feedback with ease


Collect in-app feedback with ease

Vuzers is a SaaS company that offers in-app feedback tools for mobile apps. At Vuzers we create a software for mobile product owners/managers, mobile marketers to help them listen and better understand their users and use insights to grow their app downloads and retention.

How? Through beautifully integrated and perfectly timed in-app polls. We believe that focusing on what matters for your users is the key to make a successful app.

Hey what's up?

I'm Sylvain, the co-founder of Vuzers.com.

I started Vuzers after I tried to collect and analyze mobile user feedback on a previous app I was working on. I quickly saw how time consuming it was to gather and analyze user feedback from all kinds of sources (social networks, app stores, forums etc.) and how resource-intensive it could be to develop an in-house solution.

That's when I thought myself: "Sylvain, I bet you could help a lot of mobile app entrepreneurs, mobile startups owners, and mobile product managers / owners by giving them the ability to quickly collect and analyze in-app feedback that they can use to improve and grow their app." 😁

Please leave me your feedback. It would really help me.

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