A simple way to manage your app subscriptions


A simple way to manage your app subscriptions

UNUBO enables you to manage your app subscriptions, including cost tracking, user management and reports.

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@matixmatix Hi Matic,

Squrb has the same value proposition of cost management of cloud apps. There are a few differences however:

Cost on UNUBO is displayed straight away after you've added an app, on Squrb it takes up to 24 hours.

Squrb currently has more apps, but we are adding more and more as we speak.

Interface/design/UX/flow: I believe our app is beautiful, crafted by one of the best UX guys I know, but of course that is in the eye of the beholder. What makes a person tick when interacting with an app is entirely subjective, so I will leave that comparison to the users.

Of course there are things we can't compare, such as the differences in how our APIs work, and pricing - they currently don't display it on their site. We most certainly will once we release pricing.

Rather than make this an extensive comparison, I'll close by saying it's always interesting seeing competing products, and there's certainly enough room for both (or more) of us in the market.


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