SEO Content Optimization Platform


SEO Content Optimization Platform

Strell is a complete content optimization tool that assists SEOs and content marketers to write and optimize content to grow their organic search traffic.

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Hello 👋,

Abhishek from Strell here, We're really thrilled to showcase our product we built recently (https://strell.io)


Creating and optimising Content for organic growth is a TASK! 🤐

Google has rewarded 💯 relevant, high-quality content more than ever in recent years. They've been working on technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) API to better grasp the content and context.

This indicates that topical coverage and semantically appropriate keywords are necessary to rank for the top positions for your keywords.

To even consider organic traffic, we must first investigate search intent and appropriate content structure.

We thought that a Research Assistant powered by AI could speed up research tasks so that the writer could focus on creativity and strategy.

Strell Currently have 2 features
1. Audit - helps in optimising existing content
2. Content brief - helps in creating perfectly optimised content from scratch

Strell automatically summarises articles and suggests topics that make sense in the context of the article.

The general rule regarding word count or keyword density does not exist because each keyword is unique.

Strell examines top-ranking pages to produce recommendations for your articles and landing pages based on what is currently effective.

You just need to enter
1. Primary Keyword
2. Location in which you want to rank

You can get priceless information like:
- Useful phrases and keywords (including NLP entities) ⚡
- Word count, paragraph count, image count, and headline count
- Common H2's, H3's and People Also Ask questions
- Exact kewyord densities in Title, H1, H2's, H3's, H4's and main content
- H1 Brief, H2 Brief, and H3 Brief content briefs from the Top 10 Competitors

We’ve our metric “Content Score🔺”, which lies between 0 to 100 and shows how good your content is optimized for the main keyword according to Top 10 Rankings.

When you create a query in a content brief, Strell automatically chooses the best On-Page SEO implemented pages from the top 10.

Also you can click on keywords to see how your competitors using that keywords.

It's like having On Page SEO Consultant 🧔sitting with you and telling advanced strategies.

Strell is for🤔?
SEO Pro's, Marketers, Copywriter, Agency, Affiliate Marketer, Freelancer (basically anyone who creates content on the web and needs organic growth)

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Here's How to use Content Brief:


Here's How to use Audit:


Keep dominating your niche 🥂

Thanks you all checking us out,

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