Simplified Workflow Automation for Data Teams


Simplified Workflow Automation for Data Teams

Shipyard is a first-class Workflow Automation platform, designed to help your Data Teams get to production 3x faster. Teams can launch, monitor, and share their business solutions at scale, without worrying about infrastructure. Our goal is to help data teams focus their time on what they're best at - using data to drive value.

We've seen that organizations spend a ton of time and effort to get their data pipelines working correctly every day, where one problem upstream can spell disaster for multiple projects downstream. Existing systems are clunky, can't always be tested locally, and often require deep DevOps knowledge to keep operations running smoothly. Data often times gets orchestrated across multiple, highly-technical systems, making it a nightmare to keep track of everything that's running. Shipyard aims to provide a unified platform where gathering, cleaning, and acting on data is frictionless.

Hey Betalist community!

We're extremely excited to bring Shipyard to you all. If you're a Data Scientist, a Data Engineer, or work a lot with Big Data, we'd love to hear from you.

In the past, I led a data team that handled large data sets for top travel and retail companies. I saw how frustrating it was to provide visibility into the full cycle of data usage while ensuring that data pipelines were effectively orchestrated. Our goal is to make launching and sharing workflows simple, so data teams can focus on creating more value with data.

Right now, with priority access to our private beta, you'll get free cloud resources over the next few months in exchange for your feedback.

We'll be here all day and on Intercom chat to answer any questions. Feel free to shoot a note to [email protected] as well!

- Blake & Team

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