Web analysis & monitoring tool


Web analysis & monitoring tool

Screpy is a web analysis tool that can analyze all pages of your websites in one dashboard and monitor them with your team. Powered by Lighthouse.

Some Features: - SEO Analysis & Monitoring, - Google Keyword Rank Tracker (SERP), - Pagespeed Analysis & Monitoring, - Lighthouse Analysis & Monitoring, - W3C Validation & Monitoring, - Uptime Monitoring.

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Interesting to see pricing starting with $2/yr - are you sure this should not be $2/month? I think you are underselling. But hey, no issue in trialling.

All the best

@SkilledUpLife Hey! If you pay for whole year, the price is $2/m. So you will pay 2*12=24$
If you want to pay monthly, the price is $3/m.

Don't forget to use the coupon code :)
Nice idea and amazing ui. if you convert your website in a native app with https://swaptoapp.com then you get more reach from app stores as well as play store.

Also you get daily visits as your website will stay as an app in users mobile so they can open it any time.
Just think do you know the url of any website you visited on betalist two day's ago. I think you forget that but if you visit a site and then from that site you download that website app then it will stay in your mobile and after seeing for two three days you remind it forever.
This is the feature of app. Also app gives an accessibility to your users. As typing a website url on browser is sometime boring and apartfrom that if you see towords an app it is easy to launch.
Hey @hatchexa,

Thank you for your comment. We're working on a big update for our dashboard with new features.
After this, we will release our mobile apps. I'll review your product for this 👍

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